Result :: kauntest # 44


This is Bill Waterson who created the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, in the ten years from 1985 till 1995 when he took retirement. The comic strip appeared in more than 2400 publications and was compiled into 18 books. Check out more wonderful information on Bill Waterson and Calvin and Hobbes.

Correct answers by:
Jamshed Rajan
Madhulika Mathur
Niyam Bhushan
Milind Ganjoo
Balaji Narayanan
Supreet Singh
Vikas Shankar

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1 Comment

  1. Niyam did his take on Calvin:

    oh! my god! hobbes! do you see a huge dragon flying north from chennai and swooping down with gigantic wings and gnashing teeth to end my misery of using qwerty keyboards two millenia after the end of the great oral tradition? how ironic, how tragic. now we shall never know if dentures shall survive in the post-qwerty-holocaust world. whether birds of prey shall feast on the delights offered by rahulrazdan’s kauntest.

    calvin singh!
    stop daydreaming and get back to your gmail account. you have a drab appointment in okhla in 10 minutes.

    Thanks 🙂


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