Kauntest is back…

The ‘original kauntest’ is back. Why original (as the concept is anything but original)? The answer to that can be found in the kauntest story — here.

As had happened earlier, even when the previous series of kauntests was started (early March 2004), Rediff also started its own version. Some of those can be seen — here and here.

Coincidence? Or was someone actually getting inspired by the efforts of yours truly? In any case it was a win-win situation for me — either my ideas were on the same track as those of one of India’s biggest online entities; else, imitation (by one of India’s biggest online entities) was certainly flattering!

Now that the ‘original kauntest’ is back what are the odds that we will see similar efforts elsewhere? Pretty high, eh? Remember you first saw it here. 🙂

Welcome once again! Lots more coming your way.


1 Comment

  1. Where is the incentive man? I am not going to come back & play every week. My name on your site is not incentive enough for me to be regular here. Prize – Cash – Gifts


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