Milestone break

Having completed 50 editions, Kauntest is on a short-break and will be back soon. If you wish to receive an … More

Result :: kauntest # 50

If you identified the singer correctly as Enrique Iglesias, you would know that the mole is in centre square – … More

kauntest # 50

With ‘moles’ occupying centre-stage in recent times, we bring out the original mole man. On which square from A to … More

Result :: kauntest # 49

That was the reflection of the Pakistani speedster Shoaib Akhtar! Thanks everyone for putting up with the participation inconvenience. Working … More

kauntest # 49

No clue this time. Who is this? Last date: August 7, 2006 (Note: The participation form on the right is … More

Result :: kauntest # 48

India’s first policewoman IPS officer — Kiran Bedi. Her status in India as an inspirational woman is almost legendary. Any … More

kauntest # 48

Is this a real policeman? Who is this? Last date: July 30, 2006