Result :: kauntest # 47

This is the base of the Statue of Liberty, New York! Perhaps one of the most widely recognized visual metaphors … More

kauntest # 47

Let loose your imagination. Which symbolic landmark is this? Last date: July 22, 2006

Result :: kauntest # 46

Larry Page (left) and Sergey Brin (right) — the duo who as Stanford students, started the revolutionary search service Google. … More

kauntest # 46

Among other things, the two are known for their contribution to English grammar. Who are they? Last date: July 15, … More

Result :: kauntest # 45

This is architect Charles-Edouard Jeanneret better known as Le Corbusier. Seen here with a scale model of one of his … More

kauntest # 45

Yet another creator. Born Swiss, he adopted his mother’s maiden name later on. He died swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. … More

kauntest # 44

He is the creator of perhaps the most precociously complex and hyper-imaginatively paranoid six-year old kid. Last date: July 1, … More

Result :: kauntest # 43

Was it so difficult for people to associate the word ‘satirist’ with Scott Adams — creator of the popular cartoon … More

kauntest # 43

One of the more popular modern-day satirists. And even though you may have read a lot of him, writing is … More