1. This is a not-for-profit website as of now; and paid-for completely out of personal finances.
  2. The images used (other than the logo and mast) may not always belong to us. However, the sources of the images used will always be disclosed faithfully at the time of declaring the results of every ‘kauntest’.
  3. It is not our intention to ‘mis-represent’ or disparage the appearance of the subjects of the ‘kauntests’ in any way. It is just a well-intentioned test of people’s ability to identify ‘known’ faces, even if their appearances were to be altered / tweaked / masked / hidden / blurred / mutated / transformed etc.
  4. While there are no fixed prizes, specific kauntests may have prizes associated with them. And since we shall be sponsoring these through our own hard-earned money, it is only fair that our word be final in this regard.
  5. The names of all the winners will be displayed on the website.
  6. We would welcome if you were to send the ‘kauntest’ pictures to your friends by e-mail, IM, social networks to tickle their minds a li’l bit.
  7. We have not put any copyright notices on the contents of the site as of now, but in good faith,  we request you to inform us in case you want to use these elsewhere.

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