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  Madhuri Dixit 

The once-upon-a-time famous pout from arguably the only superstar actress

of Hindi cinema.

Correct answers by:- Manu Gopalan
Yeh Kaun?   Albert Einstein 

This was a ‘relatively’ tough one! I am amazed two people still got it right!

Those interested should check this

out for some very nice pictures on the great man.


Correct answers by:- Manu- Mukund Rao

Yeh Kaun?   Aishwarya Rai 

From this year’s Cannes festival. And what exactly did people have in mind

when so many of them said this is Liz Hurley? 😉


Correct answers by:- Deepak Abbot- Milind Ganjoo

Yeh Kaun?  Jeff Bezos 

The founder of Amazon.com, arguably the world’s largest bookstore. One of

the sustaining success stories of the dot-com boom days at the turn of the



Correct answers by:- Deepak Abbot- Ajay Kumar

Yeh Kaun?  Neil Armstrong 

The first human to set foot on the lunar landscape in 1969 and said “…one

small step for a man, but a giant leap for mankind…”


Correct answers by:- Milind Ganjoo- Deepak Abbot- Amol

Yeh Kaun?  Ted Turner 

The maverick media moghul who set up the cable TV channel – CNN, and the

rest is history! And to those it matters — he was married to Jane Fonda!

Correct answers by:- Siddhartha Majumdar- Deepak Abbot- Ruddhi- Milind Ganjoo- Ajay Kumar

Yeh Kaun?  Walt Disney 

Born in 1901, he had even served as a driver in the Red Cross, where they

say he personally camouflaged one of the war vehicles with his own drawings.


Correct answers by:- Suhail- Deepak Abbot- Ajay Prakash- Gunjan

Yeh Kaun?  Dhyan Chand 

The ‘hockey wizard’ we have all grown up hearing fables about. Everyone

must read excerpts from his autobiography Goal! on http://www.bharatiyahockey.org.Image from bharatiyahockey.org

Correct answers by:- Milind Ganjoo- Deepak Abbot- Nitish

Yeh Kaun?  Tusshar Kapoor 

As the protagonist Vishnu Prasad Sharma from the Ram Gopal Verma produced,

Gaayab. The overlay incidentally was a mask based on the character Hulk

from the Hollywood film.


Correct answers by:- Deepak Abbot- Milind Ganjoo- Nidhi

Yeh Kaun?  Ajay Bijli 

Who inherited his family truck business, but went on to redefine the concept

of cinema entertainment in urban India with the PVR chain of multiplex theatres.

Correct answers by:- Vaibhav Setia- Deepak Abbot

Yeh Kaun?  Jay Leno 

Born to an Italian father and Scottish mother, this ace entertainer has

a liking for cars and motor bikes. For several years now his Tonight Show

on NBC has been the most watched talk show of its kind.Image from: bikerrouge.com

Correct answers by:- Milind- Deepak Abbot

Yeh Kaun?  Thomas Muster 

Tennis player, who was virtually unbeatable on clay between 1994 and 1995.

During that period he won the French Open in 1995. All this after he was

nearly crippled with severed knee ligaments when a drunk driver hit him.Images from: content3.eu.porsche.com and sportail.free.fr

Correct answers by:- Deepak Abbot- Adolph

Yeh Kaun?  Dr. Christiaan Barnard 

This South African was the first person ever to perform a heart transplant

operation. Though the patient Louis Washkansky lived for only about two

weeks more, it was a major landmark in medical history. Everyone referred

to Google for this one, right?Image from: http://www.museumonline.at

Correct answers by:- Deepak Abbot- Milind Ganjoo- Adolph- Nidhi- Vaibhav

– Manu

Yeh Kaun?  Lance Armstrong 

Diagnozed with cancer in 1996 he fought back after treatment to win the

Tour de France in 1999, which he has won five times in a row.

Correct answers by:- Deepak Abbot- Adolph- Supreet- Nidhi- Vaibhav Setia

Yeh Kaun?  Akshaye Khanna 

In this very popular publicity still from Dil Chahta Hai. Incidentally,

quite a few people felt this was Anil Kapoor!Image from indiafm.com

Correct answers by:- Supreet Singh- Santanu Roy Choudhury- Rakesh

Yeh Kaun?  Hema Malini & Esha Deol 

Finally the toughest Kauntest! No one got this right. Agreed there were

no clues, but for the people who suggested that one of the two people here

was Chandrachur Singh – I would like to ask – which one?


Correct answers by:- NO ONE –

Yeh Kaun?  Hrithik Roshan


The nose belonged to Hrithik Roshan, while the face was Anil Kapoor’s. But

honestly, how many people thought it was Mahesh Manjrekar?


Correctanswers by:

– Ruddhi- Lovnish- Deepak Abbot

Yeh Kaun?  Amisha Patel


From the film ‘Yeh Hai Jalwa’. Mixed opinions on this one – some felt too

easy, some felt too difficult!

Image from indiafm.com

Correctanswers by:

– Vaibhav Setia- Adolph- Deepak Abbot- Nidhi- Tina- Sun

Yeh Kaun?  Lara Dutta


From the film ‘Andaz’ – which was a big hit last year. However, Preity Zinta,

Amisha Patel, Tiwnkle Khanna, Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai were the names

that occurred to most people!Image from indiafm.com

Correctanswers by:

– Manan Shah

Yeh Kaun?  Hrithik Roshan


While some people thought this was Fardeen Khan, Vivek Oberoi or even Abhishek

Bachchan – no one thought this was Salman ‘the-shirtless’ Khan!Image from rediff.com

Correctanswers by:

– Deepak Abbot- Bhavik Shah- Ajay- Leona- Andy

Yeh Kaun?  Kareena Kapoor


A really simple but smart kauntest with plenty of red-herrings! Quite a

lot of people thought this was either Tabu, or Malaika Arora, or Amrita

Arora and Isha Koppikar!

Image from filmfare.com

Correctanswers by:

– Ajay- Leona- Ruddhi- Jigna- Deependra

Yeh Kaun?  Hrithik Roshan


From the film Lakshya. Some of the interesting answers given by people included

Amitabh Bachchan, General Musharraf, and KPS Gill!Images from santabanta.com

and rediff.com

Correctanswers by:

– Deepak Abbot- Lovnish- Atit Sanghavi- Adolph- Amisha Gupta- Paran Bawa- Rudz

Yeh Kaun?  Mandira Bedi & Smita Patil


Perhaps the toughest kauntest till now! Mandira Bedi was supposed to be

the red-herring in this, but as it turns out, Smita Patil was tougher!Images from santabanta.com

and rediff.com

Correctanswers by:

– Aditi Kohli

Yeh Kaun?  Mandira Bedi


The noodle straps should have been a dead giveaway. From the film Shaadi

Ka Laddoo.

Images from santabanta.com

Correctanswers by:

– Deepak Abbot- Nino- Manan- Bhavik- Paran Bawa- Nupur Barua- Nidhi- Ruddhi Sonalkar- Amisha Gupta- Vaibhav Setia- Jigna

Yeh Kaun?  Elizabeth Hurley & Perizaad Zorabian


A very recent and actively publicized picture of Elizabeth Hurley with her

‘associate’ Arun Nayyar at the Cannes film festival.Images from


and in.yahoo.com


Correctanswers by:

– Deepak Abbot- Amisha Gupta- Nino- Lovnish

Yeh Kaun?  Salman Rushdie & Steve Waugh


Finally a tough one! Only die-hard cricket-lovers would have taken the cue

from Mrs. Waugh and a smiling Ricky Ponting in the background

Images from movies.yahoo.com

and rediff.com

Correctanswers by:

– Deepak Abbot- Vaibhav Setia

Yeh Kaun?  Dalai Lama


The first correct response came in after a couple of days. But after that

quite a few people got this right.

Image from mfinley.com

Correctanswers by:

– Chiranjeev- Supreet Singh- Pravir M Karmokar- Raman- Roshan- Vaibhav Setia- Nino- Deepak Abbot- Pooja Madan- Avinash Gite- Rajshekhar

Yeh Kaun?  Mahima Choudhary & Suniel Shetty


In this ‘famous’ publicity still from Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar. Agreed,

there was no deductive thinking in answering this one. Either you knew it

or you didn’t.Image from http://www.indiafm.com

Correctanswers by:

– Nidhi- Alind Srivastava- Deepak Abbot- Aditi Kohli- Avinash Gite- Pooja Madan

Yeh Kaun?  Arundhati Roy


In one of her many avatars. With no options to choose from, the difficulty

level was raised with this one. Yet people got this right.Image from http://www.heptagon-forum.org

Correctanswers by:

– Nino- Deependra- Autif- Supreet Singh

Yeh Kaun?  #2 = Kareena Kapoor


From the film Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon. Wonder how did the people who got

it right know this one?

Image from http://www.indiafm.com

Correct answers by:- Vaibhav Setia- Deepak Abbot- Nino- Rashmi Tandon- Adolph- Jagga Pehalwaan

Yeh Kaun?  Johny Lever


This one turned out to be simpler than anticipated. The fact that Johny

Lever has been the preferred choice as sidekick in most recent films, perhaps

made it easier.

Image from http://www.indiafm.com

Correct answers by:- Nidhi- Vaibhav Setia- Autif- Chiranjeev- Deepak Abbot- Deependra

Yeh Kaun?  Mallika Sehrawat


From the film Khwaaish. Wonder how did you guys know? A little crab told

you… eh?

Image from http://www.indiafm.com

Correctanswers by:

– Deepak Abbot- Vaibhav Setia- Amisha Gupta- Reema- Mulayam Singh- Nino- Deependra

Yeh Kaun?  JuhiChawla


From the film Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani. Interestingly, except for two

people, everyone else thought this was Hrithik Roshan!Image from http://www.indiafm.com

Correctanswers by:

– Deepak Abbot- Sikka

Yeh Kaun? AmarSingh


General secretary of the Samajwadi Party. In the news recently, for taking

up cudgels on behalf of some ‘under-privileged’ people in Dubai!Image from http://www.hinduonline.com

Correct answers by:- Manu- Nupur Barua- Suman- Govind Menon- Deepak- Supreet Singh

– Nino

– Siddhartha Majumdar

– Mulayam Singh


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